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PGR information and processes

Information on PGR studies at the School of Medicine for staff and students from recruitment to graduation.  This links to University policies and School of Medicine specific information where required.  Further advice can be obtained from [email protected]

PGR key contacts  In addition to the staff listed on the School’s website the key contacts you will come across in your PGR journey.

PGR recruitment and application  Information and guidance on the recruitment and application processes and policies.

PGR matriculation and induction  Guidance and process on the matriculation and induction processes for PGR students.

PGR information for studies  Information, policies and processes for your studies.

PGR student wellbeing and support Where to seek help

PGR leave and interruption Policies, processes and guidance around seeking leave and interruption of studies.

PGR employment opportunities University employment for PGR students whilst studying.

PGR thesis submission and viva  Information and guidance on how to submit your thesis (including submission by portfolio) and vivas.

PGR information for supervisors and reviewers  Includes selection, appointment and training for supervisors.

PGR Graduation Information on graduation.

PGR after Graduation How to obtain transcripts, keep us updated.