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PGR leave and interruption

Annual leave

Information on PGR student annual leave can be found in the University policy ‘Length of study and associated fees for postgraduate research students‘ and can be found in the Education Handbook area of the University website.

Leave of Absence

Students can request a Leave of Absence where exceptional circumstances affect the ability of the student to engage with their studies.  Students considering taking a LoA should in the first instance speak to an adviser in Student Services ([email protected]) so that they can receive support, advice, and ensure they have considered alternative options to LoA where possible.  The granting of a LoA may alter a student’s circumstances in such a way that the student is affected by non-University legislation and policy, such as UKVI, council tax liability etc.

University LoA policy with more details and procedures can be found here.

The list of University documentation and advice relating to a leave of absence can be found here.

Parental leave

The University policy on parental leave can be found at the link below, the parental leave policy allows students to take time away from their studies while remaining as a registered student at the University.  The policy includes information on length of leave, funding of the leave and requirements for international students.

Risk assessment(s) must be carried out while the student is pregnant and within 6 months of the birth (if the student has returned to study).

Change of Mode of Attendance

Students have a ‘mode of attendance’ – either full or part-time study.  You can change your mode of attendance and details on how to do this can be found on the Mode of Attendance Change webpage.  Please note that if you are an international student here on a student visa, you are unable to study part-time.

Change of study location

This information can be found in the PGR Studies area.


A student wishing to withdraw from a postgraduate programme should write to the Associate Provost Students, stating the effective date of withdrawal.  Before formally withdrawing, students are advised to discuss the implications of withdrawal with their supervisor, DoPGR and the with Associate Provost Students.  Full details on withdrawal from a programme can be found in the Research and induction of postgraduate research students policy.

Termination of studies

Information on the Termination of Studies process can be found on the University’s Terminations of Studies pages: