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PGR matriculation and induction

This page is under development

The University policy for registration and induction of postgraduate research students can be found at this link.


Matriculation is the process of registering as a student with the University and is compulsory for all students.

If your matriculation is not fully completed in a timely manner, you will begin to receive warnings under the failure to matriculate policy.  If you have any queries regarding your funding and this is stopping you completing matriculation, please contact [email protected].

Full details on matriculation can be found on the University matriculation web pages where you will also find a Postgraduate Orientation document also published.

Students are required to complete matriculation every year.

Induction process

There will be University organised introductory events, usually held twice per year – September and February/March, you should ensure that you sign up to attend the next available session(s).

Students will also be scheduled a school level induction.  Full details and the induction checklist can be found here, it also lists out the roles and responsibilities of all those involved.  The live document for everyone to work on and complete as necessary will be shared from the PGR Administrator’s OneDrive.