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Visitors Brief

1. Purpose.

This brief aims to familiarise all new users with the key features of the building. This document points to relevant documents or webpages and is designed to be used on-line.

2. Location and overview.

The building is at the east end of the North Haugh. Images of the building and facilities are on the school website.

3. Facilities.

There are specific descriptions for the Lecture Theatre, Seminar Rooms and Tutorial rooms.

4. Access and Security.

This building is home to delicate research equipment and a mortuary, hence security is important. There is a detailed building security policy however most users only require to read the 1-page guide which describes the door opening times and how to navigate the swipe doors. All users should note that CCTV is present in the building. The janitor is contactable for all security and access questions on ext 1853. The university’s Security and Response team can be contacted on ext 8999.

5. Safety.

There is a 1 page general safety policy which all users should familiar themselves with. There is a 1st aid policy, the key feature of which is to note that there are trained first aiders in the building and a 1st aid room available. No one should go to the 1st aid room alone, this is not monitored in any way. The fire safety instruction informs users what the alarm sounds like, when it is tested (weekly on Wednesday at 12:55pm), what the escape routes are and where the muster point is (Grass area in front of Gateway Building). There are safety notice boards round the building with general, fire and 1st aid notices posted. Individuals dealing with sharps, clinical waste or the specialist lab facilities must seek specific advice.

6. Smoking.

In keeping with the ethos of a School of Medicine the smoking policy dictates that there is to be no smoking within 10m of the building or in the courtyards.

7. Layout.

There are floor plans for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. These show the location of rooms, lifts, toilets and rest areas.

8. University Liability.

The University has liability insurance covering all users of the building. This is conditional on the individuals taking time and care to understand the safety and security implications and conforming to the advice contained.

9. Transport:

  • a. Parking available within the Gateway car park for staff (permit required). There are 6 disabled spaces are available in the Gateway car park (blue badge holders only) and 2 reserved visitor parking spaces (guests only and prior registration required).  Additional parking is available in the Fife Council Petheram Bridge carpark, which is adjacent to the School of Medicine Building.  A drop off area is provided at the main entrance of the building.
  • b. 30 cycle spaces provided within the courtyard area at the rear of the building., shower and locker facilities are also provided within the building.
  • c. Please see attached web link to the transport section of the University of St Andrews website.

10. Materials and waste policy.

Recycling bays are located on all floors of the building, information explaining the correct use of these and a plan showing the location of these is to be provided. A bulk recycling store is located to the South East of the building at the entrance to the courtyard. This contains bins for various glass, cardboard, paper and waste electrical equipment. A wide variety of recycle bins is provided at the reception end of the cafe area.