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Safety Policy


The Business Continuity and safety/security governance map describes the school safety, security and governance structures and lists the policies and publications.  These are all summarised below:

Safety Policy

The School publishes a School Safety Statement and the Safety Committee Terms of Reference. The School does not produce a paper or pdf safety handbook, rather this page is the link to all relevant school or building safety advice.

General Safety

Common Areas.  ‘Common areas’ are those parts of the building for which the School of Medicine takes the safety lead on behalf of the University but does not impose safety conditions (circulation space, open plan areas and computer clusters) and teaching rooms used by multiple schools and departments.  All staff should be familiar with the common areas safety Policy Offices.  See the school’s ‘safety in offices‘ policy. Emergency.  The Emergency section of the handbook has advice on emergency planning, gas leak and evacuation. Fire Safety.  All staff must read the School Fire Safety Policy and note the ground floor fire escape plan.  Fire safety notices are placed round the building.  The Fire Systems document describes the usage of the auto safety systems.  There is a map of fire extinguisher locations for use by contractors. First Aid.  The School’s first aid policy makes provision for all users of the building during term time.  Local first aid notices will be produced for each sector of the building to direct the reader to the nearest first aider. All First Aid incidents MUST be reported to a School of Medicine First Aider. Electrical Equipment. electrical equipment safety

Specific safety protocols

Specific policies exist for; manual handling, use of latex, electrical equipment safety, young people at work, lone working and work outside normal hours and new and expectant mothers


The Reporting Policy defines accidents, incidents and near misses and list the process to be followed.

Lab Safety

See the post on lab safety.

Teaching Safety

See the post on teaching safety.


The School’s security policies create a dynamic security structure; permitting access where required but also prevents unauthorised access in order to create a safe working environment.