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MedVu is the Medical Schools bespoke video capture and portfolio system. Medicine uses video extensively in the teaching and assessment of clinical and communication skills. MedVu provides students with personalised private access to videos captured as part of a teaching or practice session or have been shared into by a staff member or fellow student. In addition MedVu provides easy access to all the teaching videos.
Currently the videos can be viewed from within the University network or externally using a VPN connection.
A students MedVu portfolio will contain a record of their communication skills teaching, provide evidence of practice of clinical skills, a record of peer review of their clinical skills and a record of their OSCE performance (currently only visible to staff).
You will be required to access and watch these videos at various stages of your degree.


Students consent to videos being captured with the signing of the Medical School agreement at the start of each new academic year. If extermal staff or students are captured in a video then individual consent is sought.  Read the section on data protection for further detail and access to the consent form.

Accessing videos


Teaching videos can be accessed from the Other Tab in Medvu2 –
The Medvu2 system can only stream videos within the university network. This is limited to computers using Eduroam wireless, shared computers within the university (e.g library), computers on residential wireless and computers using a VPN connection to the university network. For more information on VPN connection see:


Medvu2 uses a Flash based video player. iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) and some Android devices will not be able to view videos. Please use a desktop or laptop PC or Mac. There are no known issues with any particular internet browser, but Firefox and Chrome are generally recommended.


Finding a video

Please refer to the Medvu2 user guide for more information on using Medvu2 to search for videos or create playlist groups of videos.

Video content

If you have a question about the content in the video, a clinical protocol or procedure, please contact your Module Administrator.

Streaming video (video won’t play)

Ensure that you are within the university network and using a desktop or laptop PC (see 1.a).
Try a different internet browser.

More Details

Link to this document [MedVu 2 detail] for more details.


The majority of issue with the recording and viewing of videos could be solved if students read the user guides. If however you have read these and are having difficulties with MedVu then email your module for support.