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Finance Improvement Project – FAQs

How do I submit a timesheet?

Additional hours worked or hours worked on flexible worker contracts are paid via the master timesheet.  The online individual timesheet from Salaries has been deleted, please contact Kerry at [email protected] for a template.

How do I submit expenses – I’m a member of staff?

When you have your Oracle Fusion access you can enter your expenses claims. Please remember that you will need to enter the bank details of the account you would like the claim paid to. Once approved, your expenses will be processed for payment. The expenses will be processed fortnightly with the first expenses run being on 28 March (BACS payments take 2 working days).  Information on the processing of staff expenses can be found on the University website.

How do I submit expenses – I’m a member of staff without Oracle Fusion access?

If you have never used this system, you will need to request a licence.

How do I submit expenses – I’m a student?

Following a successful trial period, the form for student expenses has been updated and is now available from the Payment of student expenses webpage. Please ensure that claims are submitted on this new form to avoid delays to payment.

How do I courier items?

Awaiting further information.

I don’t order/request items often, how do I place an order?

If you do not have an Oracle log in and wish to purchase goods or services, then an email to [email protected] for advice should be your first option before any commitment with supplier takes place.

I’m not currently a requisitioner, how do I become one?

You can request access to Oracle here. Once you have logged in, please select the steps below.

  1. Access to Oracle Fusion
  2. What is your current Oracle Fusion status? – Select > I’ve never used it before and am requesting access for myself.
  3. Do you work in Finance? – Select > No.
  4. Please select all of the activities that you will be undertaking within Oracle Fusion: – Select > Requisitioners.

I arranged for some work to be done (or bought some goods) and now have the invoice. Can I just send this to medproc@ to arrange payment?

NO. You must have a Purchase Order (PO) prior to buying goods or engaging services. The new system is much stricter on this. “No PO, no pay” is the new finance decree. Please contact Graeme Russell ([email protected]).

Where can I find training for Oracle?

Moodle hosts all the Oracle training information.

How do I find an account code?

If you previously had access to the account in the Qlikview dashboard, you should have a new dashboard called Chart of Accounts Overview where you can see your old cost centre/analysis code/detail codes and the updated ones.  Otherwise contact [email protected].

How do I access Qlikview?

Qlikview can be accessed via the Business Intelligence page on the University’s website.

My account hasn’t updated in Qlikview?

There is a delay in the spend being visible in Qlikview whilst the Finance Project team work on mapping it over.  This is expected to be completed by the end of April.  All information in Qlikview is correct as of end of February.

*UPDATE* Qlikview research-grants dashboard will now not be available until the end of May.

I need to order some catering, what is the new code?

If you have Qlikview access to the code, you should have the ‘Chart of Accounts’ dashboard to identify the new code.  If not, contact [email protected] for the updated code.

How do I book a taxi?

We have an account with RH taxis (MED/01) TEL;01334 788123 [email protected] if this is being paid for by school/research funding.  There may be a requirement for a PO for a booking, please check with [email protected] or copy them in to your email for the booking.

How do I submit a cash advance request as a staff member?

This is not done in Oracle. It is handled via a cash advance form as per guidance in section 8 of the university’s staff expenses policy. Please note that there is a different process for students.