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Wolfson Award

The Wolfson Foundation intercalated degree awards programme is administered by the Royal College of Physicians for the support of medical and dental students in their intercalated year.
The school is normally asked to nominate 2 students for this award which supports students who are keen to undertake scientific research and may become the next generation of clinical academics. Successful candidates would essentially complete a MD4002 project, either in the laboratory or using primary data, and send a report to the Wolfson Trust about how the project went.

The school will invite candidates who have achieved an average >17.5 in MD2001, MD2002 and MD3001 to enter a selection competition to win the right to be nominated for the award. Invited students who are interested in applying for the award, should submit a PDF file which answers the following questions.

What attracts you to a clinical academic career and how has your experience so far prepared you for that? (200 words)

Choose a recent paper that interests you and that you think has the potential to influence future clinical practice. Describe the findings and discuss its strengths, weaknesses and significance. (500 words)

Identify this with your candidate number ONLY and send it to [email protected] by the date indicated in the invitation. All submissions will be considered and the best two selected by the Dean, whose decision is final.

The students who win the right to be nominated will meet Dr Haag who will help them to choose potential supervisors. Dr Haag will check that supervisors are willing to take a student next academic year. The successful nominees will then proceed to complete the Wolfson Trust application form, which will require a more detailed project proposal, and entered into the national competition. The deadline for the national competition is 31st March. If the nominees are ultimately successful the award winners will obtain £5000. The school does not guarantee success in the national competition! The school regrets that graduates are not eligible to apply.  Any questions should be addressed to afh22.

For staff only see the School process for managing applications and grants.