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Video Conference Facilities

Video conferencing (VC)

The School has three video conferencing facilities to meet different audience requirements:

  1. Medium to large audiences (up to 300). Main Lecture Theatre on Level one.
  2. Medium audiences (40). Seminar Room 1 on Level one.
  3. Small to medium audiences. Portable Unit. This unit is on a trolley system and can operate from any room or area with a live network port in the Medical School Building.

The Schools VC equipment is registered on the JANET system and uses the JVCS booking system. This allows for easy conference bookings with other institutes on the JANET system. Some institutes have their own scheduling systems and require ‘bridged’ calls through JVCS. In particular, calls to NHS institutes require bridging. In addition, some institutes can’t be connected to by ip (internet) and require an ISDN (land line) connection which, depending on the direction of the call, may need to be paid for.

VC bookings

Medical School Staff

The Learning Technology team are available to organise and set up a VC event for any member of Medical School Staff.
The first step is to determine room availability. This should be checked through the Administration Office before contacting the LT team.
If you are a member of the Medical School staff  bookings for video conferencing should be raised by submitting a request to [email protected]
It is helpful to obtain as much information as possible from the other side in advance so that a successful booking can be accomplished. Useful information would include:

  1. Conference coordinator (email)
  2. V/C Venue (e.g. [email protected])
  3. IP : (e.g
  4. Phone number at participant end and/or venue.

A member of the Learning Technology Team will be able to help with coordination of any VC as well as appropriate room and equipment configuration. Scheduled JVCS calls will start automatically but a member of the team should be around at the beginning of any conference.

Non Medical School Staff using the MBSB

The Central media services are responsible for all VCs from non Medical School staff in the MBSB.  Full details are on the University website.
The room availability should be checked through the central room booking service.