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School of Medicine handbook for staff & students

User guide (for editors)

This WordPress site is a repository of information aimed at staff, students and external users. Some documents are only available to internal users, so please login when you first access it.

Posts generally filed under one category – some in two or three. These posts are kept up to date by the appropriate Professional Services team.

If you find an out of date document, a link that doesn’t work or ideas for improving the handbook, please let us know.

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Security and access

As some documents are held in MedInternal, staff and students should log in to ensure all information is readily available.  Users can login from the header.

Medhandbook Login

Clicking on the Login box at the top of the page will open a School of Medicine Log In dialogue box.  Entering your University log in will allow you access to posts and documents which are restricted to members of the public.


There are 3 levels of access to documents on the Handbook.  You will be prompted to Login if you attempt to access a protected document.

The three levels of security are:

  • Public – these posts are available to anyone accessing the School Handbook, e.g. prospective students/staff.
  • University members – these posts are available to those with a University of St Andrews log in, e.g. current students.
  • School of Medicine Staff only – these posts are only accessible by School staff. Documents linked to these posts are held on the MedInternal SharePoint site and so have an extra level of security.

Adding a new post

  • Make sure you are logged
  • Go to dashboard
  • Hover over posts
  • Click on Add new
  • Add title in first box and corresponding text in the main box.
  • Editing tools: similar to Word ie bold, bullets, text alignment etc (Toolbar toggle symbol for more editing choices)
  • To add a link to a post, please see below. If not, add an excerpt (summary) in the appropriate text box. It is important to add something here otherwise WordPress uses the first three lines of the post, which is sometimes nonsensical
  • Choose category and tags from the options available
  • Make sure the Discussion box is unticked (you rarely want comments to appear)
  • Publish (blue box to right of screen)

You can view post from the dashboard to check everything is as it should be

Add link to a post

To link to a document, you need to make sure that the pdf is in the media library (where everyone can view) or in MedInternal (staff/students only).

If you are creating a new document ensure the Word or Excel document is uploaded into the correct category in School Handbook Docs (Master copies) in Sharepoint.  These documents are the ‘golden’ copies and are not directly linked to. They need to be saved as a pdf for both the media library (if everyone can view) and the released section of MedInternal (if access is limited).

To upload word/excel document: use upload command to add to School handbook library master copies.  Ensure that it has a name (the file path) and a title (this will shown on the tab of Medhandbook when it is opened).

This document now needs to be copied as pdf – best way is to download onto desktop and then move across to the media library in dashboard.

  • Click 3 dots by name
  • Open in browser
  • File > Save as
  • Download a pdf > Download (you may need to download again to desktop)
  • Return to dashboard – hover over media
  • Add new
  • Choose file to upload
  • Copy URL to clipboard (you need this to link to the document).
  • Find relevant post (s)
  • Choose edit
  • Insert appropriate text and the copied link.
  • Click cog link to make sure the document opens in a new tab, and press update
  • View post (s)

Setting access of a post

By default content in a new post (handbook entry) will be readable by all.
If required you can restrict content to either

  • Authenticated University of St Andrews Users or
  • MedInternal Users

as follows:

Authenticated University of St Andrews Users

  • Open a new post in Med Handbook
  • Add a title – note this will be visible to all users
  • Add the text of your post
  • Tick the correct category or categories for this post
  • If you cannot see the ‘Content Permissions’ panel lower down on the administrative page, scroll to the top of the page, then click ‘Screen Options’ then tick ‘Content Permissions’, then click ‘Screen Options’ again to hide the options panel
  • In the ‘Content Permissions’ panel, check to limit access as follows:
    • any authenticated St Andrews user: tick ‘Subscriber’
    • only Editors: tick ‘Editor’
  • click the ‘Publish’ button higher up the page to save


MedInternal Users

  • Upload the sensitive content to MedInternal probably as a pdf document
  • Note the link (URL)  to the document (copy it to the clipboard).
  • Open a new post in Med Handbook
  • Add a title
  • Add text (not including any sensitive information) describing the document, and make a link to it using the URL you copied above
  • Tick the correct category or categories for this post
  • click the ‘Publish’ button higher up the page to save

Replacing a document

Firstly check where the pdf/document is linked from. It is best practice to delete the original pdf/document completely and then add the new version to the Media Library (see also instructions for adding a link in order to copy the URL). Edit post ensuring that the new URL is used and that the link opens in a new tab). If replacing a post from Medinternal, please also check that the title (under properties) corresponds to the document.