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Teaching Room PCs


Room resident PC

All teaching rooms have a room resident PC.  Staff are advised to use this rather than plug in their own laptops.  Staff should NOT unplug any of the equipment in the teaching rooms
A university network login is required to use the facilities. Staff should login using their University ID and password.
Temporary access can be granted using a generic account. The Learning Technology team hold a number of these generic accounts.  A request for these can be made via [email protected] prior to the visit. However these can be collected from the LT office.
Guests and visitors can be logged in by the School contact who has arranged their visit, alternatively they can request a generic account.
Once logged on the user has access to their personal Central File Store (H:Drive) files.This is the recommended place for staff to store their work files. This allows teaching staff easy access to their presentations and their files. Alternatively  the machines will allow staff to bring their presentations on a USB drive however this method is not recommended where it can be avoided as there are instances where the USB is not compatible with the system.  This is especially true of encrypted USBs as used by NHS staff.
PCs come equipped with a variety of software. Users who are unfamiliar with the software and facilities are encouraged to login in advance to practice. The Learning Technology team can be contacted for basic orientation of the system for new users.

Maintenance and support

The Learning Technology team regularly checks the facilities to ensure that they are working correctly and will cycle batteries for wireless equipment and replace broken or missing equipment as required, however this is no guarantee that the facilities will be found in perfect working order. The facilities are only as good as the condition the previous owner left the equipment in.
Any broken or missing equipment identified should be reported to the Learning Technology Team.
For non-urgent issues, a medhelpdesk call can be raised. For urgent issues requiring support, the Learning Technology team can be contacted by phone for immediate assistance. (ext 3570)