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Research Investment Fund

Purpose. The fund is available to support small research projects. It is not to be used for;

  • Contracts to support existing equipment.
  • Infrastructure improvements, other than minor works to support equipment purchased via this fund.
  • Casual salary for staff.
  •  Stipend or fees for PG student.

Eligibility. The following are eligible:

  •  University staff employed by the school of medicine
  •  contract research staff
  •  PhD students whose supervisor is a School employee

Grant limit. There is no absolute max limit but in practice bids for more than £5k should be discussed in advance with Dep HoS Research. Funding awarded should be spent within 12 months of allocation. Failure to spend within this period will see the School rescind the money and it will be reabsorbed into School funds.
Application Process. the Research Management Group have 4 meetings per year.  If a decision is required sooner than the next RMG, the application will be reviewed by email circulation.  A minimum of 5 people would vote and if unanimous, that would be submitted for Ops Group for ratification.  If not, it would be referred to Ops group for review and decision. Process:

  • Stage 1. Applicant to complete the application form for consideration by the Research Management Group. Applications will be considered at Research Management Group meetings (dates from Research Administrator).
  •  Stage 2. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by the Research Administrator. No order can be actioned by the Procurement Officer until this has been received.
  •  Stage 3. A report on the project should be submitted within 1 month of the project completion.