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Provision and Support of Computers

The School of Medicine provide all eligble staff with a Windows PC.  This PC belongs to the School and must be used for the purpose it was provided, It should not be passed to another member of staff or taken home. It should be returned to the Learning Technology team if no longer required.
The Learning Technology Team manage a rolling replacement of Window’s PC’s for staff, funded by the Schools IT budget. PCs are automtically replaced after three full years of service.
The University focuses its service and support on Windows PCs and the School follows the University advice on PC provision.
Within the School there are a number off Mac users.  These Macs are purchased through the individuals own funds either personal or grant funded.  MAcs are not provided from the Schools IT budget.  The Learning Technology Team provide support as best they can to Mac users however the expectation is that Mac users support their own IT needs.  The expertise and focus is for Windows PC users.
The School uses the Windows Sharepoint service, named ‘medinternal’ for storage and sharing of files.  Full functionality of this service requires Internet Explorer.
For full details on the School policy then read the document ‘Policy on the provision and support of computer‘.