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PGR Annual leave

Annual leave

Information on PGR student annual leave can be found in the University policy ‘Length of study and associated fees for postgraduate research students‘ and can be found in the Education Handbook area of the University website.

From the policy dated 23 August 2023, PGR annual leave is detailed as:

Students are entitled to reasonable periods of holiday, provided that these are properly agreed in advance with the principal supervisor and conform to the stipulations of the funding body (if applicable). In line with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) research council terms and conditions, postgraduate research students may take up to 37 days of annual leave per year (pro rata for part-time students) unless otherwise stipulated by their funding body. The annual leave allowance must include the five statutory bank holidays (1st and 2nd January, May Day, and the 25th and 26th of December), and the period in December and January during which the university is closed. If a period of annual leave means that a student will be away from St Andrews for a period of greater than 28 consecutive days (including weekends), or 37 days over Christmas, when University is closed, a change of location application must be completed through MySaint. Due to UKVI restrictions, students on a Student Visa must complete a change of location application through MySaint for any time away from the University which will result in the student being at an alternative location for periods exceeding 28 consecutive days. This includes periods spent on annual leave.
Annual Leave allowances are included in standard period of study calculations. They cannot be rolled over from one academic year to the next, and cannot be used to extend a student’s end of studies date. Annual leave for research students does not need to be reported centrally and should be monitored as necessary in each School.

There will be the option in the new school postgraduate database for students and supervisors to record periods of leave on their student record,