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Charges for use of Uniprint Printers

The University supply networked HP and Ricoh printers for staff and students to use on a system called Uniprint.

  • Staff. Staff may access the printers by swiping their ID cards. The bill for their consumption is passed to the school for analysis.
  • PGR students. PGR students require printer credits to be added to their account. The print credits can originate from a grant or the PI’s personal account or PGR students purchase their own print credits. Grant or PI’s personal account credits are added by the research administrator; the PI should advise the grant code to charge and the value of the credits. PGR students should discuss this with their supervisor/PI.
  • Masters students. Students on Masters courses will have print credits added by the course director.
  • UG students. UG students are required to purchase their own print credits, less an opening allocation of £5 at the start of 1st year.
  • Printing costs