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PG Organisation

Postgraduate Committee


(1) Chair. Director of Postgraduate Studies.

(2) Director of Teaching

(3) Degree controller MSc Health Psychology.

(4) 2 student reps. One from PhD/MD research and one from MSc Health Psychology

(5) PG Secretary.


(1) To discuss and review all matters pertaining to postgraduate students and postgraduate degrees.

(2) To consider programme and module proposals and amendments.

(3) To receive post-mortem and audit review documentation.

(4) To formulate papers for Medical Faculty Business Committees.

(5) To propose examination committee membership for Ph.D students.

Meetings.  Once a semester with minutes submitted to the School Management Group.

Postgraduate taught degree Module Boards


(1) Module/degree staff and Assessment Team.

(2) Informal meetings as necessary with Assessment Team to propose and review module assessments.

Remit. To review assessment outcomes and final degree classification.
Meetings. Twice a year after 1st and 2nd semester plus final degree awarding meeting where the external examiners are present.