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No Smoking Policy

University Policy

The University has a no smoking in any building policy; smoking being cigarettes or any device or substance that may be used for the purpose of smoking including but not limited to, e-cigarettes, herbal cigarettes and pipes.

School Policy

This School of Medicine should be seen to be portraying the highest standards of public health awareness, akin to an NHS establishment. The issue is compounded as there is (deliberately) no forced ventilation so those who wish fresh air in their offices or tutorial rooms need to open their windows. These two factors dictate a no smoking area round the building.
To that end there will be a no-smoking zone round the outside of the building, including the courtyards. Smokers can use the smoking area by the back of Physics or the Gateway car park.
Signs are posted to indicate ‘No smoking within 10m of the building’ and ‘no smoking in the courtyard.’