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News Stories

Publicising achievements is a very important way of raising the profile of individuals and the School; both internally and externally.
The website is the main means of communication for external news and the newsletter is the main method for internal communication. The news feed on the website should be dynamic and inclusive; every member of the School is welcome to submit news story ideas.

We want to know about news; awards, prizes, grants, publications, events etc.  See the current News section on the School website for a flavour of the types of stories that we have.
The process for submitting story ideas has been revised and we now can help you create news stories and images. Please submit your story ideas using the microsoft form.

The form helps the small communications team keep track of story ideas and allows us to generate data about our news feed.
You have 2 options when submitting a story idea: The form asks you to indicate if:

  1. You would like someone to help you write the story and if you already have an image; or
  2. You can opt to write it yourself; in which case you should follow the steps below:
    •  Text.  Send a Word document. Ideally, news items should be between 100 – 400 words, the first 400 characters / 50 words will appear on the front page and the rest will appear when the reader clicks ‘read more.’
    • Main image.  An image will make the post more effective. This can be a picture or logo and will appear beside the story on the front page. If you don’t have an image, we can help you generate one.
    • Other images.  Up to two more images will be visible when the story is opened.
    • Date. Send the date of when the story should appear, otherwise the story will be posted as it is received.
    • Self-authored stories should be sent to: [email protected]