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Committees and Groups

Minutes from committee/group meetings

Minutes are the official record of an organisation, specifically the decisions that were made. A record of decision is a shortened form of a minute which just records the decisions and the actions, without any description of the context. The School of Medicine considers that the outcomes of the following meetings will be recorded for the information of all staff:

School Management

Management Group   /  Open fora  /  School Council  /  Space planning Committee  /  Ops Group / Editorial Board / Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Teaching Programmes

Teaching Committee   /   UG SSCC / various ScotGEM programme committees and Boards

Research and PG

Research Management Group   /   PG committee   /   PG SSCC


School Safety Committee   /   Teaching Safety

Learning Technology

Learning Technology Committee  (IT initiatives)

Working groups

Admissions, Assessment, IT, PI groups etc who meet to make plans do not normally produce or post minutes for all staff to read.


Minutes will be posted by one of 5 named archivists; Head of School PA, Teaching Administrator, Research Administrator, Learning Technology Consultant and Executive Administrator. Minutes can be read by all staff. SSCC minutes are also posted in Galen for students to read.

Content, approval, agreement and style

See the Minute Writing guide