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Learning Technology Team Profile and Management

Team Profile

The Learning Technology (LT) team has 6 full time members of staff and 2 part time/shared members of staff, all managed by the Learning Technology Consultant.
Full time staff

LT team has a broad range of expertise and experience and this allows it to provide both educational and technical support to staff. The team is proactive in providing LT/IT support in the context of Medical Education and medical education research.
The LT team has historically provided the School with a broader service role than the support and development of learning technology. This involves providing staff with general and timely AV/IT support which is not provided by the Central IT services.
 LT Service Portfolio
The team has a proactive role in identifying needs but will also respond to requests for new projects and support through the Learning Technology Committee.
Staff who wish to enlist the services of the LT team or any member of the LT team for a project or new initiative (this includes the making of a video) should contact the Learning Technology Consultant in the first instance. ([email protected]


Learning Technology Committee

The purpose of the Learning Technology Committee is to

  1. Develop and approve policy in relation to Learning Technology (LT) and use of Information Technology (IT) within the School of Medicine
  2. Support development and implementation of LT strategy ensuring it is aligned with School strategy
  3. Assess and approve new Learning Technology projects and IT initiatives that use significant resources or that are out with current service provision
  4. Monitor the progress of LT activities and projects
  5. Oversee the use of resources in relation to prioritisation of proposed projects and new developments
  6. Discuss the LT/IT related issues concerning staff and student.

Team membership

Membership of the committee will be by position

Position Name Role
Learning Technology Consultant
[Deputy Head of School (Teaching) and LT Team lead]
Julie Struthers Chair of committee – drives agenda. Convene meetings, prepare agenda.
Responsible for providing feedback to management.
Director of Teaching Alun Hughes Represents Senior management and Teaching and Learning.   Responsible to feedback to the TLAC
Executive Administrator Clive Masson Management representative on Team.  Representative from Administrator and to implement policy when required.
Responsible for providing feedback to the admin team
PG Course Representation Not appointed yet Representative from PG course
Course Director for BSc Medicine Jon Issberner Representative from UG Course
Research Representative Silvia Paraccini Representative from Research Staff.
Responsible for providing feedback to research management group
Systems Administrator Bill Gudgeon Member of LT team. Responsible for providing feedback to the LT team
Digital media developer Ian Gordon Member of LT team
Administrator Not appointed yet Representation from Admin
Responsible for providing feedback to the admin team
Secretary to the committee Member of the admin team Writes and publish minutes.
Responsible for providing feedback to the admin team

The Learning Technology Consultant is the Chair of Learning Technology Committee which meets 3-4 times per years. Membership of the committee consists of staff from all areas of the School. Staff presents new initiatives for approval to this committee which aims to support as many projects as possible. It acts an authority on the prioritisation of requests and agrees any associated budget requirements. The LT Consultant sits on the teaching and assessment committee (TLAC)  and on the assessment management team. This closeness to the curriculum allows technology to be at the forefront of many solutions.

SAS Team

The SAS team deals with the day to day IT service provision for the School of Medicine. As well as providing desktop support for staff the. SAS team have an essential role in the developing, managing and maintaining the the IT services that run the School bespoke systems. As well as providing routine IT provision they have an essential role in the development of new services and initiatives within the School.
The SAS acitivities are managed through fortnightly SAS (Systems administration support) meetings. The SAS meetings are led by the Lead Systems Administrator.  Membership of this group includes the Learning Technology team plus the staff shared with the School of Biology. This forum provides the opportunity for openness and communication between the team members and to ensure that the shared staff are kept up to date with the services and projects in Medicine and are allocated work as part of their Medicine hours.