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Learning Technology and IT initiatives

The Learning Technology Team  is keen to support all staff with projects involving Learning Technology or IT. There is a great demand for the time and expertise of the team members and to ensure fairness this is managed formally.
The LT team provides a published portfolio of services (LT Service Portfolio) to the school and to the staff. Any requests for services or support out-with this portfolio should be presented to the Learning Technology Committee (previously named IT initiatives) for approval. Once the request is approved then it is prioritised by the team and put on a list of jobs to be done. Higher priority is given to proposals that will impact on a greater number of students or benefit more than just one individual.
If you are applying for a grant which includes the use of  LT staff time and/or services then it is important that your contact the Learning Technology Consultant prior to making the application.
Individual LT staff should not be contacted to provide a service out-with this process
The types of initiatives that are regularly presented to theLearning Technology Committee include requests for

  • Videos
  • elearning
  • Innovative teaching
  • Research websites
  • New database request

Process for presenting your request to the Learning Technolgy Committee

  1. Contact the Learning Technology Consultant ([email protected]) as a first step
  2. A brief meeting will be held to consider the feasibility of the proposal
  3. A LT initiatives Pro forma should be completed by the proposer
  4. This proposal  will be discussed at the next Learning Technology Committee meeting
  5. The Chair of the Learning Technology Committee will inform the applicant of the decision
  6. A meeting will be held to discuss time-lines

To view a list of initiatives, agenda papers and minutes refer to the section in Learning Technology Committee under Groups and Committees on the SharePoint site medinternal.