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How to Access the Medical School Systems

The School of Medicine has developed bespoke systems to support the medical curriculum.
This document is aimed at students and gives advice on access to these systems.


Type the URL – into any browser
Firefox and Chrome are both generally recommended. Firefox can be downloaded for free and is available on all University PCs.


The Galen timetable should display in any web-browsing application, but issues have been observed with Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. If the timetable isn’t being displayed in the standard grid layout, users should try changing the compatibility settings or using a different browser.
Read the post on .guidance on browsers. LINK to post
The timetable information can be displayed in iOS and Mac OS X native calendar applications by adding the iCal link as a subscribed calendar. More information on how to do this is available from Apple.LINK

Element Resources

Resources that have been added by staff are usually in the form of audio, PDF or web links. The Learning Technology team recommends Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF documents.  This and other free software can be downloaded from the University website.


Although the Learning Technology team is not aware of any browser on any operating system that is incompatible with any feature of Galen, Tablet browsers such as Safari on iOS may experience some issues due to the way touch enabled devices change the behaviour of drop-down boxes and text entry fields.

Streaming services

The School of Medicine streams its own video content through Lecture Echoes and MedVu 2.


Within the University Network

Lecture Echoes and MedVu 2 are only available on computers within the University network.
This is limited to computers using Eduroam wireless, shared computers within the university (e.g library), computers on residential wireless.

Outside the University Network

If you wish to access these videos from home then you need to set up a VPN connection to the university network. This effectively puts you inside the University network.
For more information on VPN connection see:


Lecture Echo and Medvu2 use a Flash based video player.
Apple does not support Flash and so iOS users will have difficulty viewing some of the videos.

Lecture Echo  can be viewed on iPhone or iPad

MedVu2 content cannot be viewed on iPhone and iPad

Please use a desktop or laptop PC or Mac for the full experience. There are no known issues with any particular internet browser, but Firefox and Chrome are generally recommended.

Interactive Learning Pages

Staff have created a number of eLearning packages or interactive learning pages to support the face to face teaching.
Access to these are usually from a link uploaded by staff to relevant element page. However sometimes students would like to view the list of these.  These a held within the University Moodle system and are accessed through the single sign on and so students only have to enter the URL below and if requested provide their University user ID and password.
These are html5 web-based applications and so will play within a browser.
More about developing eLearning with help from the LT Team.

External services

The School of Medicine and the University have variously joined with other organisations, which offer services over the web exclusively to School students. These services (such as Box of Broadcasts, Elsevier e-textbooks and Anatomy TV) are accessed from the Media Links at the bottom of the Galen page.