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Grades and Classification

Honours Classification

Degrees are classified using a credit-weighted calculation of grades achieved for Honours-level modules (3000 level and above) taken during an approved Honours programme. This ensures consistency, particularly if you are taking a joint degree.  All Honours module grades are used to calculate the final degree classification. The grades from the Foundation Year modules are not used in this calculation. The University applies a common formula for the calculation of the award of Honours classifications.
Medical Honours degrees will be awarded using the University’s Honours degree regulations and algorithm. The 5 module degree grades will be weighted appropriately on their credit rating which will be entered into the university degree calculation algorithm. You will have completed modules totalling 240 credits by the end of the degree programme (60 credits each for MD3001, MD3002, MD4001, 40 credits for MD4002 and 20 credits for MD4003).
There are no discretionary classification border zones and only one decimal point is used in calculations of means and medians.   There is an opportunity for Schools to present cases to the University’s Special Classification Board where the final classification has been affected by S-coding of modules for personal or medical reasons
The University Classification Scale is here.