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Getting Help – staff

The University provides the Computer and IT support for all members of staff.  This should be your first port of call for any IT related matters.
The University runs a helpdesk system for all IT support ( ) The best way to contact the Helpdesk is by email to [email protected] . At quieter periods you may be able to contact them by telephone on ext 3333.

School level suppport

The School of Medicine has its own Learning Technology Team (LT). This team provides local support for staff on Medicine related issues. The team can accept routine or service requests as well as requests for new initiatives.  Often staff apply for grants to support innovation in teaching which include the use of technology,  it is important that the LT team is involved in these applications at an early stage if their support and services will be required.  Students who are unable to view or access resources are automatically directed to the LT team for support and so it is important that the LT has an input into the methods and delivery adopted for any student resources created by staff.

Non routine or service requests

The LT team members have talents,expertise and services that are often in demand by members of staff.  The team welcome the opportunities to become involved in innovative projects in the School.  However if  a member of staff requires the services of a member of the LT team for a project or initiative that is not part of normal day to day activities or part of the LT Service Portfolio then they are advised first to contact the [email protected] to discuss what services the LT team are able to contribute to the project. If the new initiative is suitable for LT involvement then advice will be given on how to submit the request to the Learning Technology Committee.   If it is assessed to be a routine request then it will be forwarded to the medhelpdesk system for support. Members of LT staff should not be contacted individually for support as they are not able to operate outside this process.
The LT team is unable to guarrantee to support or services to staff who have not have not gone through the normal process.

Routine or Service requests

Many of the requests for help will be routine and related to email or desktop support.  For this staff should use the helpdesk system.
Medicine has its own helpdesk system called medhelpdesk.   The University and Medicine systems are linked and so calls can be freely passed between the two groups.
Medhelpdesk is linked to the wider University helpdesk but deals with local problems. All calls for support within the School should be emailed to [email protected] . This is a staff only helpdesk. Students should email their module for all School support requests.
It can be confusing to know how to get help and calls are likely to be dealt with faster if they are targetted to the correct helpdesk in the first instance.  Guidence on which email to use is provided below.  If you use the wrong one then the staff will transfer your call to the appropriate group, so your request will not be lost but may be delayed.

Helpdesk guide

Which helpdesk should you contact?
Email the University helpdesk  –    [email protected]   for issues relating to

  • User ID and password issues
  • email
  • Datawarehouse
  • E-Vision
  • VPN access
  • Moodle
  • MMS
  • Problems with PC classrooms
  • Athens user ID and password

Email the local Medicine heldpdesk  –  [email protected]  for issues relating to

  • Galen
  • Portfolio
  • Assessment marking
  • Hildegard access/issues
  • MedInternal access/issues
  • Wireless access within the School of Medicine
  • Software on work PC