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Feedback – UG medical courses

This section relates to feedback and access to scripts
Staff / student relationship.  St Andrews is a relatively small University and this has the advantage that students and staff are able to get to know each other well over the duration of the course.   The relationship allows students to seek feedback directly from the member of staff responsible for setting a piece of work in order to improve student’s performance.  Students who feel that they are getting into difficulties must ask for help whether it is an academic or a personal problem.
Feedback.  Students should be able to receive routine feedback on any work that they have submitted. Feedback will give advice that will guide students in improving learning and future performance.  No fee is charged for this type of feedback.
Feedback on summative assessments.  The class will receive group feedback on performance and if further clarification is required students should contact the module organiser.
Access to exam scripts:  Exam scripts will not normally be returned to students. Students who wish to view their scripts and/or discuss their MSA papers should make an appointment with their personal tutor.  This appointment should be requested within 2 weeks of the assessment results being released.  Tutors will not give detailed feedback on “the answers” but assist the student in conducting a self-appraisal of their performance.  The tutor will ensure you understand the assessment system, review your study technique and may direct you to seek further support if indicated.