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Equality Agenda Working Groups, EDI and more

The School of Medicine EDI Vision statement:

The School of Medicine will be an outstanding place to work, study and collaborate. We will support our university’s ambition to be a beacon of inclusivity by ensuring that: all colleagues feel supported and valued; the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion and opportunity are fully embedded in our operations; bias, bullying, discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.

The Equality Agenda is supported by a number of working groups. See below for information about each group, To get involved, contact the people listed:
Athena SWAN self-assessment team: A representative group of the school that is responsible for producing the Athena SWAN application through compiling, analysing and presenting school data. This SAT also analyses the school’s Equality Agenda progress, suggesting appropriate future action plans. The SAT has monthly meetings to accomplish these tasks.  Contact India Pinker (ihp2)
The Athena Swan charter is a framework used to globally support and address gender equality in the Higher Education sector.   The School of Medicine has held a Bronze award since 2014, renewed every few years.  The next application is due in late spring 2022.
Link to Equality Challenge Unit’s Athena SWAN Charter webpage.

Continuous Improvement Group

NICE volunteer group* – a volunteer group whose current focus is on the school’s medicinal garden, arranging informal coffee gatherings and pot-luck lunches and on supporting a lunch-box appeal for Rusoroza Seed School in Uganda. Contact Janet Cox-Singh (jcs26)
Public Engagement group – remit and membership of the group are currently being revised – if you are interested to find out more in due course, please let Alun Hughes or Silvia Paracchini know and we can keep you informed. Contact Alun Hughes (ah200)/Silvia Paracchini (sp58)
BAME working group: Details of this new working group (first meeting on 15 July 2020) to be confirmed. Contact Wilber Sabiiti