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Curriculum Delivery – an overview

The School of Medicine aims to make the best use of technology to deliver the curriculum. The School’s Learning Technology team works closely with academics to enhance the student learning experience through the use of the latest technology. The majority of curriculum resources are held online and students should be able to access all these resources from the campus and the majority from outside the campus.

Overview of Medical School Systems Applications that are specific to Medicine include

For security and sensitivity reasons the lecture echoes and some videos can only be accessed from within the campus or through a VPN connection.
Please refer to the sections in the handbook dedicated to these applications for more detail.

Other systems used by Medicine


Moodle is the University Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Although the School of Medicine uses Galen some medicine modules use Moodle to host their practice exam questions (formative quizzes) and occasionally as a tool to collect feedback. If any resources are held on Moodle then the staff member will put a direct link to these resources on their Galen element page.


MMS (Module Management System) is a University system used to manage exam feedback and report final grade points to students. Due to the ebook publishers copyright agreements with the University library the links to the University ebooks are accessed through MMS.
Links to both Moodle and MMS can be found on the Galen footer or from the University home page.

Single sign on (SSO)

All the Medical school systems use the University SSO which means that students logon once to gain access to all the systems and applications that they have permission to use.