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Caring Fund

The University has a small fund for the express purpose of supporting employees with caring responsibilities in order to allow them to attend events essential to their role.  The fund can be used to provide financial assistance with travel costs for dependants and any other such associated caring costs with the purpose of limiting the financial impact of having to find alternative caring facilities.  The payments will be subject to tax and NI contributions (except possibly where the carer is registered).

  • The fund is open to all employees with more than 12 months continuous service by the event date, and their contract will last not less than 12 months after the event date.
  • The fund may be extended to PG students.
  • No more than 2 applications are submitted in a 12 month rolling period.
  • The maximum amount is £500 per application.
  • The Head of School/Unit is responsible for approving or declining the request.

Information on the scheme can be found in the HR section of the university website.

Caring fund policy
Caring fund application