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Box of Broadcasts


The University of St Andrews is a member institution of Box of Broadcasts (BoB for short). BoB is a media recording and archiving service that allows staff and students from member institutions to record TV and Radio programs that are broadcast in the UK. Users can also search through archived content for programs and films that were recorded by other users.


  1. URL

  1. Login

In order to authenticate and use the system, users type in the name of the institution (University of St Andrews), which will take the user to a login page where their university login can be used.

  1. Terms

Access to BoB is possible because of the Educational Recording Agency license terms which allow the use of copyrighted material within an educational setting. The BoB service, under these terms, specifies that users may only watch content within a context of learning and teaching. No more than 3 program requests per day may be made by a single user and users may only access the service from within the UK.

Using BoB

Once logged on, users can select a program due to be broadcast in the next 7 days or a program that was broadcast in the last 7 days. This schedules the program to be stored and available to the user in the MyBoB section.
Users can also search the archive for recorded content that another user has requested.
In addition, the user can make ‘clips’ of content that allow users to single out individual parts of a film or TV program and grant them instant access to these scenes.