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The University handbook has advice on Assessment

Assessment Policy

University policy.  University policy
BSc (Hons).  The BSc (Hons) Assessment Policy
UG (BSc/ScotGEM) and PGT. School of Medicine Processes for Submission of Coursework and Application of Late Penalties.

BSc Portfolio Extension Request

BSc Year 1 Form
BSc Year 2 Form
BSc Year 3 Form

Assessment Advice for students

The Frequently Asked Questions section tackles the questions on assessment that have been asked before:
FAQs for BSc (Hons) Medicine

S Coding

S Coding is the method the University uses to recognise that special circumstances have affected performance in a module.  See the School Policy on S Coding.

Missed / Deferred exams

The School publishes a missed and deferred exams policy. What to do if you miss an assessment.

Assessment Dates

The University publish future assessment dates on the website.  All students are required to make themselves available in St Andrews for the full duration of the examination diets (up to and including the last Friday of both December and May diets)

University Policies

The University policy on assessment is all web based. Some key pages