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Galen an Overview

Galen is the School of Medicines curriculum management system. It is a one stop shop for all curriculum matters. It provides students with a personalised timetable and communication system and is accessible from all PCs, laptops and mobile devices.
Galen element pages are the unit of currency within the system and learning outcomes and resources are published in advance of each learning event. Students are encouraged to access the element pages and prepare for the teaching prior to the teaching or learning activity. Galen provides a consistency of approach in delivery of resources in a curriculum that has a large faculty of staff contributing to each module. The curriculum is clearly visible and searchable from within Galen.
Galen provides staff, students and external bodies with a clearly visible curriculum mapped directly to Medicines governing body the GMCs ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’ learning outcomes. A similar curriculum map exists which aids exam blueprinting. This visibility of the curriculum is vital to staff teaching their own disciplines within an integrated curriculum allowing them to correctly pitch their teaching to suit students’ current knowledge and understanding.
Galen is part of the University single sign on system and so access to Galen is with the Universiry user ID and password.
The School recommends that students use Firefox as the browser to access Galen and students should set Firefox as their default browser.
Refer to the handbook section on Curriculum support for more details on Galen and in particular the page on Galen.

Galen portfolio

Each student has a personalised portfolio within the Galen system. The portfolio allows staff and access to all information concerning individual students from a interface. The portfolio displays student personal details including the day’s timetable; absences and professional concerns; clinical allocations; sign up allocations; phase 2 information; evidence of work done; rubric marking scheme and blog for providing feedback on work done; itemised exam feedback and a space to showcase items for external review.
A section of the portfolio allows students to collect evidence of workdone and personal achievements.  Throughout the year there are specific portfolio tasks assigned to students as part of the curriculum, these allow them the opportunity to identify learning needs, record evidence of achieving these and then reflecting on experiences.   Students are encouraged to organise and manage their portfolio according to their own preferences.   All areas of the portfolio remain private to the owner of the portfolio unless a student’s actively opts to share a folder with a named person or showcase their work on the web.
See the section on galen porfolio for full details