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User guide

School of Medicine > Handbook > User guideUser guide (for editors)This Wordpress site is a repository of information aimed at staff, students and external users. Some documents are only available to internal users, so please login when you first access it. Posts...


School of Medicine > Handbook > Handbook issuesHandbook contactThanks for taking time to submit some information about the handbook. Your suggestions will help us to make improvements.


School of Medicine > Handbook > AboutAbout policies, procedures and guidance websiteThis handbook is a repository of the School of Medicine centralised documents; including strategies, procedures, guidance and information. Scope Policy, procedures, guidance and...

Learning Technology

This section is in the process of being updated with information and guidance relating to the School's IT and teaching facilities. Please let us know if there are specific policies/guidance you would like to see here.

Policies, procedures and guidance

Policies, procedures and guidanceThis handbook is a repository of the School of Medicine's strategies, procedures, guidance and information. You can search for a particular document in a post using the bar below or browse by the categories listed. As some documents...

Yellow Card

The yellow card is the method that the school uses to indicate lapses in professionalism.

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