Shared Printing Facilities

Networked printers

The School has several monochrome and colour network printers available for use in the building. Staff printers are accessed through the staff-printer server.

Student printers

UniPrint printers are centrally managed and available to students as well as staff.

More information about the UniPrint system and the location of the printers is available from the Computer and IT Support pages of the University website.

In the MBSB building UniPrinters are situated in the Anatomical Resources Room on Level 3 and in the Wedge.

UniPrint is a “pull” printing system, which holds your print job(s) in a central location (print queue). You can then retrieve your print job(s) from any public printer by logging in to the printer, either using your St Andrews ID card (new proximity cards only) or by entering your St Andrews user name and password on the printer.

Medical School Staff printers

Colour and Monochrome duplex printers are situated

  1. outside the Administration Office on Level 3
  2. outside the server room (329) on Level 3
  3. in the open office area (234) on Level 2.


These printers do not use a credit system. Users are requested to use the duplex function as much as possible.

As part of your induction you will be set up to print to the nearest set of printers however Initial connection instructions are detailed on the side of the printers. If you have difficulty in setting up your printer then email

A useful printer test sheet is provided here