Student Health

Health advice for students and applicants to BSc (Hons) and MBChB (ScotGEM) Programmes


Information for entrant medical students:

Standards of fitness for medical students.  Advice to applicants on minimum health / disability standards.  Two versions:

Pre Entry Questionaire for medical students.  Advice to entrants which invites them to complete the occupational health forms –

wellbeing and resilience – ScotGEM

Request for Medical Evidence form – student medical consent form.

Skin Surveillance Declaration form (ScotGEM students only)

Consent to transfer medical records –  Consent to transfer records to partners, completed at matriculation

Occupational health referral form for students referred to Occupational health.  This should be read with the health advice for students

Medical student-specific guidelines on student pregancy, maternity and paternity leave

students and EPP advice for all students

Student health – overseas experience – advice for students travelling abroad

Use of latex – advice for students with latex allergy