Student Health

Health advice for students and applicants to BSc (Hons) and MBChB (ScotGEM) Programmes


Information for entrant medical students:

Standards of fitness for medical students.  Advice to applicants on minimum health / disability standards.  Two versions:

Pre Entry Questionaire for medical students.  Advice to entrants which invites them to complete the occupational health forms –

wellbeing and resilience – ScotGEM

Request for Medical Evidence form – student medical consent form.

Skin Surveillance Declaration form (ScotGEM students only)

Consent to transfer medical records –  Consent to transfer records to partners, completed at matriculation

Occupational health referral form for students referred to Occupational health.  This should be read with the health advice for students

Pregnancy – Medical students Specific policy

students and EPP advice for all students

Student health – overseas experience – advice for students travelling abroad

Use of latex – advice for students with latex allergy