News Stories

Publicising achievements is very important way of raising the profile of individuals and the School; internally and externally. The website is the main means of communication. It should be dynamic and inclusive; every member of the School is welcome to submit news items.

Please let the School know about news; awards, prizes, grants, publications etc.  See the current News section on the School website.

Staff wishing to post a news story on the School’s news feed should send the following:

  •  Text.  Send a Word document.  Ideally, news items should be around 100 words or less, the first 400 characters / 50 words will appear on the front page and the rest will appear when the reader clicks ‘read more.’
  • Main image.  An image will make the post more effective. This can be a picture or logo and will appear beside the story on the front page. Ian Gordon ( can help in taking pictures or by providing one.
  • Other images.  Up to two more images will be visible when the story is opened.
  • Date. Send the date of when the story should appear, otherwise the story will be posted as it is received.

Stories should be sent to;