Many staff use elearning resources to supplement the face to face teaching. Targeted links to these can be hosted on the Galen element pages.

Staff can also add links to eLearning sites from the Galen library, under Media links.


The University host their eBooks on MMS. Staff can choose to direct students to these or provide a direct link from the element pages in Galen. Students can easily access their e-text books, anatomy library and Box of Broadcasts from Galen.

Interactive Learning Resources

A number of staff have created their own electronic teaching resources using Articulate Storyline software.  These resources provide students with opportunities to reinforce and test their knowledge.  Although staff will create direct links to these teaching pages from the element pages students can go directly to a library of these resources on the School of Medicine teaching pages on Moodle. https://moody.st-andrews.ac.uk/moodle/course/view.php?id=1782 .

In order to facilitate the hosting of eLearning packages and to provide quality and consistency for the students it is recommended that staff approach the Learning Technology Team before creating any eLearning resources.

The LT team have purchased 2 articulate storyline licences.  Staff can opt to design and develop their own resources or make use of our inhouse developer to create the resource for you.  Which ever option you choose we ask that you request an initial appointment with the Learnng Technology Consultant (jes10) to go through the practicalities of developing, hosting and delivering these resources to students.