Advice for applicants

applicants who require extra support and / or adjustments due to a health or disability condition should read the school advice on health, disability and reasonable adjustments

Registering a Disability

Students who wish to declare a disability and then subsequently receive help or reasonable adjustments from the University or the School should contact the Disability Team in Student Services in the first instance or contact the School Disability Officer to provide any school-specific advice.

Temporary Conditions

Students who are temporarily incapacitated or disabled (e.g. a broken limb) should also approach University Student Services or the School Disability officer.

Special Arrangements for exams

The responsibility for initiating special examination arrangements lies with the student, who must discuss these with the Student Support. Students must note that the deadline for registering for additional support is week 1 for the Mid Semester exams and week 6 for the end of semester exams. No provision will be made for students who have not registered a disability or who register late.

Recording Devices in Lectures

Students with a disability or some medical condition which means that they are unable to take notes in lectures may seek permission the relevant academic member of staff prior to the lecture taking place. Students should note that most lectures are captured by Lecture Echo.  See the University policy