Booking Rooms

Lecture Theatre, Seminar and Tutorial Rooms bookings during termtime

The preparation of the teaching timetable is based on guidelines contained in the Academic Timetabling and Room Booking Policy.  Medicine are given priority from May until mid July to book the Lecture Theatre, Seminar and Tutorial Rooms for teaching during termtime (9am to 5pm).  From mid July to mid August requests should be made through Timetabling Team until access is returned to the School in mid August when rooms can be booked by all Schools and Units.  The Teaching Administrator co-ordinates all bookings requests for the School during this period.

To check room availability in term time

The main teaching timetable for the academic year is available for staff and students to view online through Web Timetables. Timetables can be viewed by room, module, department or building.

Ad-hoc booking requests in term time

Staff should use the Web Room Booking (WRB) facility to make ad-hoc booking requests during termtime only1. Regular teaching bookings should be made through the Teaching Administrator.


Bookings at evenings, weekends and outwith termtime

For evening bookings, weekend or during Christmas, Spring, Summer and Inter Semester breaks, please contact ACE ( with your requirements as these are not bookable through Splus.

University Room Booking Control Sheet

Details on how to book University rooms at specific times of the year

Checking availability/booking of the ARC and Clinical Skills

The ARC bookings should be made via the teaching administrator, Clinical Skills bookings should be made via the Clinical Skills Suite Manager.  Availability can be checked on Medinternal Ad-Hoc Room Bookings

Checking availability/booking of Interview Rooms

Guidelines for interview rooms can be found on the School Handbook with availability on Medinternal Ad-Hoc Room Bookings

Meeting room on level 3

The meeting room is booked via an outlook calendar.  To check availability, please look at the ‘medicine’ calendar (  When a slot has been identified, please email to make the booking.  Please provide title of the meeting, duration and if the booking is not for yourself, the meeting organiser/host.  Do not send invitations to the calendar as these will just be rejected.